What is Grief Recovery?

Grief is a normal and natural reaction to any loss a person may experience.  The Grief Recovery Method® incorporates a series of small and correct action choices that help people move beyond the pain that is caused by loss.  This program creates a safe environment to look at old beliefs we have learned about grief and to take new actions which lead to completing the pain attached to loss.  There are 40 different kinds of losses and many of these losses tend to leave people feeling incomplete.  Incomplete loss stems from wishing things were different, better, or more; from having unrealized hopes, dreams, and expectations; and having undelivered communications.  As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® the goal is to help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation, and loneliness that can be caused by significant emotional loss.  *Important Note: The Grief Recovery Method is an educational program, not therapy or psychological treatment.

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The Grief Recovery Support Group is an 8-week program that meets once a week.  The program includes the action program outlined in The Grief Recovery Method®, as well as small-group work to share your experiences and grief recovery process with a partner.  Contact Jessica to see when and where the next group will be starting.



When Children Grieve® is a 6-week program that meets once a week.  The program is for Parents and Teachers who desire to learn the proper tools to help guide their children through loss and change that occur in their lives.



There is also an option to work individually with Jessica in a 6 or 7-week program that meets once a week.  This program also includes the program outlined in The Grief Recovery Method® and When Children Grieve®.  The day and time of the meetings will be determined by both parties' availability. The One-on-One program is also for clients who have already completed the Grief Recovery process and desire to continue the work with a specialist.


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