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Welcome to my site!  Here I document my journey to becoming beautifully anchored amidst the obstacles that life has to offer. Hope you enjoy!

Change in Plans

I was really looking forward to this week as we had some fun events planned.  We had friends coming over, I had a couple of Grief Recovery meetings, my daughter was going to stay at her grandparent's house Friday night, and I was going to plan a Disneyland trip for the near future.  But then, my two year old daughter, Savannah, came home from the babysitter on Monday night with a fever.  We napped her, turned on our Essential Oil diffuser, and expected her to wake up from her nap healed.  She did!  She woke up happy and her fever was gone.  My husband and I thought we had her sickness all under control.  However, Tuesday morning at 4AM, she woke up burning up and crying.  This was the start of the change in plans for our week as my husband took the day off of work to stay home with her.  You see, I only had one more day of Paid Time Off at my company so I was unable to stay home with her.  Our plan was to use my last day to go to Disneyland as a family to experience the Holiday Magic.  Wednesday came rolling around and it ended up I had to stay home with her and use my last day.  No more Disneyland trip.  She progressively got worse and Friday rolled around; no more night without the baby.

Though this time around, these are small changes in my plans, Savannah being sick reminded me that we can plan all we want, but things don't always go the way we planned.  Whether it be small changes or big, it can still be hard to grasp the idea that our plans are changing and it can lead to the feeling of disappointment.  It can lead to sadness and at times can even lead to the feeling of loss.

This time around, I want to find the good in the changes.  I got to spend extra time with my daughter and I got to see my husband take such good care of his little daddy's girl.  If I choose to find the good in the little changes, maybe it can help me find the good when the big ones happen.  Because whether we like it or not, plans change, and all we can do is experience it, feel it, and roll with it.

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